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RFID Carbon Fiber Car Key Protector - Anti-Signal Faraday Case & Magnetic Blocking Bag

RFID Carbon Fiber Car Key Protector - Anti-Signal Faraday Case & Magnetic Blocking Bag

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Introducing the JOYTUTUS Carbon Fiber Car Key Protector, a state-of-the-art Faraday case designed to secure your car keys with unparalleled protection. Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, this anti-signal and magnetic blocking bag ensures your car's key fob remains shielded from external threats like RFID theft, unwanted scanning, and electronic hacking attempts.

Key Features:

  • Brand: JOYTUTUS, known for its commitment to high-quality automotive accessories.
  • Origin: Proudly designed and crafted in Mainland China, ensuring global standards of craftsmanship and material quality.
  • Material: The case is made from premium carbon fiber, offering not just superior protection but also a sleek, stylish look that complements your key fob.
  • Color: Classic black, for a sophisticated touch that matches any style or car model.
  • Size: Compact and convenient at 14x10cm, perfect for easy storage in your pocket, purse, or dashboard compartment.
  • Unfolding Size: Expands to 10x20cm, providing ample space for one or multiple key fobs.
  • SKU: A1924-00301BK, your guarantee of authentic JOYTUTUS quality and innovation.

Whether you're looking to protect your vehicle from high-tech thieves or simply want to safeguard your key fob against scratches and damage, the JOYTUTUS Carbon Fiber Car Key Protector offers the perfect blend of security, style, and sophistication. Equip your keys with JOYTUTUS and enjoy peace of mind, wherever the road takes you.

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