Mastering Overland Camping: A Fresh Take for Side by Side Enthusiasts

Mastering Overland Camping: A Fresh Take for Side by Side Enthusiasts

Welcome back to the blog, folks! It’s Greg Messick here, diving into a brand-new guide for equipping your side by side (SxS) for a top-notch overland camping experience. As we gear up for adventure, remember that the right preparation not only enhances your journey but also ensures you make the most of your time in the wild. Today, we're exploring a completely new setup, focusing on innovation, comfort, and culinary mastery in the great outdoors.

1. Preparing Your Ride for Adventure

To begin, outfitting your SxS for off-road resilience is key. Equip your vehicle with high-traction off-road tires, comprehensive underbody skid plates, and a solid front bumper complete with a dependable winch. This trio ensures that your SxS can take on any terrain and come out on top.

2. Navigation and Beyond: The Essentials

In the wilderness, losing your way is not an option. For top-notch navigation, I’ve found a new favorite in GPS technology that ensures we stay on track and maintain communication capabilities, even in the most remote locations. Coupled with this, Starlink Satellite Internet provides a reliable backup for staying connected, essential for safety and convenience far from cell service.

3. The Shelter Solution: Boony Stomper and More

Moving away from traditional tents, the Boony Stomper off-road trailer is my go-to for a secure and comfortable shelter. Its rugged design and ample storage make it the perfect home base on wheels. For details on the Boony Stomper, check out Sunny Side Offroad Boony Stomper.

Hot water is a must for a comfortable camping experience, and I’ve upgraded to a new system that offers quick and efficient hot water for showers and kitchen needs, ensuring comfort and convenience are never compromised.

4. Revolutionizing Camp Cooking with the Wild West Kitchen

Cooking outdoors shouldn’t mean skimping on quality. That’s why I’ve introduced the Wild West Overland Camp Kitchen into my setup. This all-in-one solution houses our innovative Wild West Dual Burner folding camp stove, perfect for whipping up gourmet meals no matter where you are. The comprehensive meal kit it comes with ensures you have every utensil necessary at your fingertips, transforming mealtime into a highlight of the trip.

5. Optimizing Storage: Fuel and Water Solutions

For extended stays in the wilderness, ample storage for fuel and water is crucial. I’ve integrated cutting-edge storage solutions that securely attach to the SxS, including advanced fuel and water containers that are both durable and easy to access. This system guarantees we have the necessary resources for longer adventures without a hitch.

6. A New Approach to Overland Preparedness

With a modern GPS for navigation, Starlink for unmatched connectivity, and the Boony Stomper for our base camp, our overland readiness is second to none. The added convenience of our upgraded hot water system and the culinary possibilities with the Wild West Overland Camp Kitchen redefine what it means to camp in style.


Outfitting your side by side for overland camping is about embracing innovation and ensuring every aspect of the journey is covered. From navigating the trails to enjoying a gourmet meal under the stars, this fresh setup invites you to experience the wilderness like never before. With the right gear, every excursion becomes an adventure, and every meal a celebration of the great outdoors.

Here's to discovering new trails and savoring every moment of the wild.

Adventure awaits!

-Greg Messick

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