About Us

Your Partner in Comprehensive Preparedness

Welcome to Wild West Overland LLC, where our dedication lies in equipping you for every scenario imaginable. Born from a deep-seated belief in the importance of preparedness, we've evolved from a specialized provider of outdoor gear to a holistic supplier of preparedness solutions. Our unique business model combines direct sales with strategic partnerships for dropshipping, enabling us to offer a wide array of products catering to diverse needs.

Our Origins

Our story began with a focus on durable outdoor equipment, inspired by a love for adventure and respect for nature. We aimed to support explorers with gear that withstands the toughest conditions.

Broadening Our Vision

As the world’s complexities grew, so did our vision. We now embrace a broader mission to enhance preparedness across all aspects of life, from environmental and global challenges to cyber security and energy resilience.

Our Comprehensive Preparedness Solutions

  • Prepper Essentials: Curated selections of food storage, emergency food supplies, and water purification systems.
  • Survival and Tactical Gear: High-quality survival kits, tactical equipment, and outdoor gear for unparalleled protection.
  • Advanced Energy Solutions: Innovative solar and portable energy solutions for autonomy in remote areas.
  • Critical Communication Tools: Emergency communication devices to keep you informed and connected in any situation.
  • Digital Protection: Faraday products to protect against EMPs and solar storms, securing your digital life.

Embracing Our Business Model

Our expansion and ability to cater to comprehensive preparedness needs stem from our adaptive business model. By leveraging both direct inventory and dropshipping from trusted partners, including USA-based suppliers and international sources, we ensure access to the best products in preparedness, survival, and tactical gear.

Our Commitment to You

As Wild West Overland LLC continues to grow, our foundation remains solid: a commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence. We’re here to prepare you for life’s uncertainties, offering solutions that span the spectrum of preparedness challenges.

Embark on a journey of preparedness with us. With Wild West Overland LLC's diverse and high-quality product range, you're equipped for anything the future holds.