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Miniwell L630 Tactical Water Purifier for Survival Kits

Miniwell L630 Tactical Water Purifier for Survival Kits

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Specifications Overview

  • Brand: Miniwell
  • Origin: Manufactured in Mainland China
  • Product Type: High-Efficiency Water Filter
  • Filtration Efficiency: 0.1 Micron Pore Size
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 136mm
  • Weight: Lightweight at 40g
  • Construction Materials: Durable ABS, Medical Grade UF, and Silicone
  • Filtration Volume: Up to 2000 Liters
  • Flow Rate: 0.6 Liters/Minute
  • Ideal For: Emergency Preparedness, including Survival, Floods, and Disaster Scenarios
  • Color: Tactical Green
  • Product Name: Portable Water Filter
  • Usage Context: Designed for Fresh Running Water Sources

Product Highlights

  • Efficient Filtration: Offers up to 2000 liters of chemical-free filtration, providing clean and safe drinking water on-the-move.
  • Flexible Design: Can be easily adapted into a DIY filtration system using a 28mm thread soda bottle (e.g., Coca-Cola), plastic bag, collapsible bottle, or bucket. Alternatively, it can be used directly from the water source like a straw.
  • Simple Maintenance: Features a silicone gasket around the mouthpiece for an airtight seal, facilitating easy backflushing.
  • Proven Performance: The 0.1 micron membrane guarantees a 99.999999% bacteria removal rate, backed by TUV and SGS testing reports.
  • Durable Materials: Made with FDA-approved materials, offering impact resistance and ultralight portability. The L630 fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and its lifespan can be extended through backwash.
  • Versatile Use: An excellent choice for camping, hiking, fishing, scouting, travel, military deployment, survival scenarios, or emergency preparedness.

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