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Portable Camping Shower 12v Car Cigarette lighter Handheld Outdoor Camp Shower Pump for Travel Camp Hiking Pet Shower Car Wash

Portable Camping Shower 12v Car Cigarette lighter Handheld Outdoor Camp Shower Pump for Travel Camp Hiking Pet Shower Car Wash

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools

Size: L

Product name: Camping Shower

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools

Color: Yellow / Blue /orange(Optional)

Input voltage: DC 12

Input plug: Automobile cigarette lighter socket

Cable diameter: 0.5CM

Hose (water pipe) length: 2 meters

Hose (water pipe) diameter: 1.3CM

Applicable models: Universal (DC12V)

Functions 1: portable shower camping

Functions 2: Portable shower

Functions 3: 12v portable shower

Functions 4: outdoor shower

Functions 5: portable shower

Functions 6: Beach shower

Functions 7: Car shower

Functions 8: Automobile cleaning

Functions 9: camping shower 12v

Functions 10: portable shower for camping

Functions 11: camping equipment

Functions 12: camping shower

Functions 13: portable shower

Functions 14: camping equipment outdoor accessories

Functions 15: 12v camping shower

Functions 16: hand camping shower

Functions 17: camping car shower with 12v pump

Functions 18: 12v shower

Functions 19: portable shower for camping

Functions 20: outdoor shower 12v

Functions 21: 12 volt camping shower

Functions 22: portable shower camping 12v

Functions 23: camping car shower with 12v pump

outdoor shower 12v: Outdoor shower

Applicable scenarios: home, travel, self-driving travel, dormitory


Product name: Car shower
Color: Yellow / Blue (Optional)
Input voltage: DC 12V
Output voltage: DC 12V
Input current: 3A
Rated power: 35—60W
Input plug: car cigarette lighter
Motor: high-power 540 motor
Water flow rate: 3.5L/min
Cable diameter: 0.5CM
Cable length: about 5 meters
Hose (water pipe) length: 2 meters
Applicable models: Universal (DC12V)
Applicable scenarios: home, travel, self-driving travel, dormitory

With this car shower, you don't have to worry about being unable to shower in camping.

Electric pump with on/off switch.
Powerful water flow with adjustable pressure knob.
Compact and portable, easy to carry, simple to use.
For use with a 12V vehicle power socket or any portable 12V power source.
Supplied with suction cup or hook for hanging, shower head bracket & handy waterproof storage bag.
Suitable for self driving outdoor camping shower, temporary bathing after bathing, car washing, watering flowers and so on.

Instructions for use and precautions:

1. Prepare a bucket of clear water in advance (the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees), put the pump into the bucket, and (try not to leave the water for idling) plug the power plug into the 12V cigarette lighter port of the automobile.

2. Adjust the height of the nozzle, and fix the nozzle in a suitable position by using the sucker and hook attached to the product.

3. Then push the water outlet switch at the lower end of the nozzle laterally, and then press the pump start switch, you can enjoy the camping shower.

4. Try not to work continuously for a long time, and rest for a few minutes after working normally for 5-10 minutes, which is beneficial to the service life of the product. (After working for a period of time, it is normal for the motor to heat up.)

5. Direct 12V vehicle power supply drives miniature water pump, which is suitable for self-driving outdoor camping shower, temporary bathing after swimming (it is recommended to use special outdoor shower tent or dressing tent), car washing, watering flowers, etc.

6. Please dry the shower in a ventilated place before storing it.

Matters need attention:

1. If the pump is not in the water, the water can't be pumped out.
2. During use, the water pump cannot leave the water surface. If it leaves the water surface, it must be turned off and restarted, otherwise it will damage the water pump.
3. When turning on the power switch, put the nozzle away, which will help to spray water.
4. After use, the water left in the water pump and water pipe should be removed, so as to prevent the motor from getting stuck next time and causing the motor to burn out.
5. Please do not try other dangerous operations except washing the car and taking a shower.
6. Keep away from the fire source when using.
7. Never use it on hot water (over 60 degrees Celsius), gasoline, kerosene, etc.
8. Not for medical and business use.
9. Do not put the pump directly on seawater, pool or river, but work in a bucket of clean water.
10. After each use, it must be dried and put away.

Package Included:

1* Shower Pump
1* Shower Head
1* Power Cable
1* Shower Hose
1* Storage Bag
1* Shower Head Bracket
1* Sucker
1* Hook

Portable Outdoor Shower

The unit consists of a powerful shower head on one end and a water pump on the other end with a S-hook, a suction cap, a 5M power cord and a 2M hose, with a portable storage bag, which is convenient to store in a suitcase, backpack or car trunk.

Easy Assembly and Operation

Just fully submerse the pump in your bucket/tub of water and turn the motor on,it will pumps water from bucket into steady, gentle shower stream and you get a nice flowing shower.

Built-In Water Filter

The camping shower is equipped with a water purification filter system, which can adjust the size of the water flow to effectively ensure the cleanliness of the water used. The filter can be removed for cleaning after use.

Ergonomically Design

The shower head is ergonomically designed for easy grip and comfort, just press the button on the suction pump to shower, and the suction cup and hook are suitable for hanging the shower head on a tree or installing it on a car window.

Wide Application

One-touch switch with S-shaped hook for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for showers, camping, barbecues, hiking, traveling, kids bathing, pet cleaning, car wash and garden watering.

Safe and Practical

Portable Outdoor Camping Shower is suitable for outdoor, camping, pet cleaning, car wash, plant watering. Long working hours, large water output, and more practical.

Water Pump

The water pump is small and powerful, and the water output can be maintained at 2.5L/min when the water source is sufficient.

[Reminder] The water temperature should not exceed 40° during use, and it should be drained after use.

Plastic Protective Cover

There is a plastic protective cover outside the shower hose, which is more secure.

Camp Shower

The shower can be used with a 12V car outlet or any portable 12V power source, and the delicate and accurate accessory connections ensure its mobility and flexibility of use.

Upgraded Shower Head

More save water, new version adjustable shower head built-in valve can open or block water sprinkling and adjust the intensity of water flow by pressing down the shower head in different degrees.

Outdoor car water bucket

The material is made of 500DPVC waterproof fabric and mesh cloth, which is formed by high-frequency hot pressing and has strong sealing performance.

Multi-color optional

The folding bucket can be folded at will to enhance the fastness, easy to carry, and the fabric is thick and durable.

Multipurpose Folding Bucket

Car wash bucket, outdoor camping water, shopping bag, beach bag, tote bag.

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