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Rhino Rescue Splint Kit Reusable Survival Combat First Aid Medical Tactical Field

Rhino Rescue Splint Kit Reusable Survival Combat First Aid Medical Tactical Field

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Origin: Mainland China

Name: Splint

Size 1: 914x110mm

Size 2: 457x110mm

Size 3: 230x110mm

Size 4: 95x45mm

1. Help To Heal Injured Knuckle Effectively: It helps phalangeal joints in position without bulky dressing when you have a bone injured.
2. Super Convenient and Comfortable to Use: the interior soft pads will make the injure ease up while the item is folded into the proper shape.
3. Special Design: the EVA pad and the holes make the item breathable and clean for the injured finger.
4. Easy to Carry: the small size makes it suitable for any size kit.
5. All-in-one pack: the four units in one pack make it fit for various parts of injure.

The items are used to hold or immobilize an injured bone or Knuckle in the desired position and to prevent further irritation and injury from sports.
Choosing a Graduated Set of 3 consecutive sizes will help you get the right fit for r various parts of injure

1. Directions:
The splint is based on an ancient construction principle: curves are strong. The waterproof splints are easy to clean and re-shapeable for multiple reuses. Splint materials are radiolucent and you can successfully X-Ray an injured limb while wearing the splint.

2. Detailed list:
Material: ultra-thin core of aluminum alloy
Package includes:
1×Finger Splints(4.3" x2")
1×Arm Splint(9" x4.25")
1×Arm Splint(18" x4.25")
1×Leg Splint(36"x4.25")

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