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Rothco Alice Pack Frame with Attachments

Rothco Alice Pack Frame with Attachments

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Rothco Alice Pack Frames are built to fit various military packs, and are designed to balance the load from your gear while being carried. These aluminum pack frames are engineered to endure long expeditions and outdoor adventures. These lightweight frames are ideal for active-duty personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists.


Rugged and Versatile Straps: Reinforced with dependable box x stitching, the polyester shoulder straps allow you to carry heavy loads with ease. These adjustable straps contain additional padding for reduced strain and discomfort. Paying homage to the original LC-1 design, there is a quick release fastener on the left should strap.


Quick Release Kidney Pad: These LC-1 Alice Pack Frames feature a sturdy kidney pad that alleviates lower back pressure, and helps adjust weight distribution. This pad also acts as a waistbelt with a convenient quick release buckle.


Durable Construction: These metal frames are constructed of aluminum for strengthened durability and versatility. In addition, the shoulder straps and kidney pad consist of 100% denier polyester material that’ll withstand harsh weather and constant outdoor use. 


Great Costume Prop: These backpack frames provide a great backbone for creating costume props. The Alice Frame adaptable design allows for easy customization, no matter the need.

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