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Rothco Soft Shell Hand Warmer Muffler

Rothco Soft Shell Hand Warmer Muffler

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Rothco presents the Soft Shell Hand Warmer Muffler. These utility hand mufflers protect and insulate your hands, providing immediate and long-lasting heat, which your hands will surely appreciate. These fleece-lined hand warmers are great for hunting, camping, spectating sports, or any activity in the great outdoors.


Useful Piece of Equipment:

  • These rugged hand warmer mufflers are specially designed for tactical use with a hook and loop panel that integrates directly with a plate carrier vest, making them perfect for active-duty personnel and public safety professionals who work in the cold weather. The panel is conveniently built into the zippered storage pocket; this is so that it out of the way when not in use.


Soft, Comfortable, and Reliable:

  • Consisting of a super warm fleece liner and elastic knit cuffs, these outdoor mufflers trap body heat, keeping it close to the skin. The angled cuffs also form a tight seal against the elements. In addition, the soft shell outer layer shields your hands from extreme cold weather while withstanding wear and tear.


Utility Pouch Pocket:

  • Each tactical hand warmer muffler features an internal compartment with a full zipper closure, where you can securely store small gear and equipment hassle free. This could include a cell phone, small notepad and writing utensils, flashlight, or traditional / electronic hand warmers for additional warmth.


Multiple Carry Options:

  • These Soft Shell Hand Warmer Mufflers also feature an adjustable strap that wraps around either your waist or neck, giving you a couple of different carrying options. The muff ergonomic design allows you to comfortably wear it as you stand, sit, or move around. The strap also has two side release buckles, which allow you to remove or reattach it at your convenience
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