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Walkie Talkie Baofeng UV-17Pro Six Bands Receive Tri-Bands Transmit Waterproof GPS Outdoor Ham Amateur Air Band FM NoAA Radio

Walkie Talkie Baofeng UV-17Pro Six Bands Receive Tri-Bands Transmit Waterproof GPS Outdoor Ham Amateur Air Band FM NoAA Radio

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Brand Name: BAOFENG

Battery Capacity(mAh): 1800

Origin: Mainland China

Waterproof / Water-Resistant: IP55

Maximum Range: 3km-5km

Model Number: UV-17Pro

Is_Display: Yes

Walkie Talkie Type: Portable

Output Power(w): 3w-5w

Material: Plastic

Storage Channel: 1000

Frequency Range: 6 bands Receive, 3 Bands Transmit

Dimensions: 135mm*61mm*39mm(Antenna Not included)

Baofeng Air Band Walkie Talkie Type-C Charging Battery 200-260MHz VHF UHF 6 bands RX Tri-band Tx & RX UV-17Pro GPS FM Waterproof Frequency Wireless Copy Outdoor Radio with 1.77’Color Large screen, NoAA weather broadcast,High Light Torch


1-1.77”color Screen

2-Frequency Range:

FM: 65-108MHz (RX)

AM: 108-130MHz (RX)

VHF1: 350-355MHz (RX)

VHF2:136-174MHz (TX & RX)

VHF3: 200-260MHz (TX& RX)

UHF: 400-520MHz (Tx & Rx)

3-1000 Memory Channels,5W Output Power

4-NoAA weather broadcast Channels

5-GPS/Beidou position and location Sharing in the Groups

6-Wireless Frequency and its Sub-tone Copy (two radio shall be keep 30cm at least far away for a accurate copy)

7-Dual Watch, Dual Standby

8-Three Scan Modes: Time/Carrier/Search

9-VOX (Voice Operated Transmission)

10-Alarm Mode: Site/Code/Tone

11-Side Key 2 Customized

12-Frequency Hopping

12-1000/1450/1750/2100Hz Tone


14-Roger Beep


16-Two Lamp Beads Torch, Stronger Flashlight

17-1800mAh Rechargeable Battery

18-FM Radio Broadcast (65-108MHz )

19-IP54 Waterproof

20-Type C Charging Battery

Technical Specifications:


Channel Capacity


Channel Spacing


Input Voltage


Current Drain: Standby





≤1.6A(High power), ≤1.2A (Low power)

Operating Temperature

-10°cto 60°c

Antenna Impedance

50 ohm

Radio Dimensions

135mm*61mm*39mm(Antenna Not included)

Radio weight

260g (with Li-ON battery)


Frequency Range (TX)

136-174MHz & 200-260MHz &400-520MHz

RF Output Power



16K ΦF3E/11K ΦF3E

Spurious Emission

-16dBm< 1GHz, -16dBm> 1GHz

Frequency Stability


Audio Distortion


FM Hum & Noise



Frequency Range

VHF2: 136-174MHz & UHF 400-520MHz (Scan receiver)

FM: 65-108MHz (RX)

AM: 108-130MHz (RX)

VHF1: 350-355MHz (RX)

VHF3: 200-260MHz

Sensitivity:12dB SINAD


Adjacent Channel Selectivity


Intermodulation and rejection


Rated Audio Power Output

0.75Wats 16ohm

Rated Audio Distortion


Note: All Specifications may be modified without prior notice or liability.  Thank you!

Package Contains:

1× UV-17Pro Radio Body

1× 7.4V 1800mah Li-ion Battery Pack

1× SMA-Female Dual Band Antenna

1× Desktop Charger with Correct Adapter for your Country

1× Belt Clip

1× Handstrap

1× ENG Manual

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