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Widesea Portable Gas Stove: High-Performance Outdoor Cooker

Widesea Portable Gas Stove: High-Performance Outdoor Cooker

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Meet the Widesea Portable Gas Stove: your ultimate outdoor cooking companion. Built with durable stainless steel and designed for the modern adventurer, this lightweight, high-altitude capable stove is perfect for any outdoor scenario. Its integrated ignition offers quick starts, while compatibility with an isobutane gas mixture ensures a strong flame under all conditions. Ideal for small groups, this manual-operate stove is easy to transport and use, supporting a variety of cooking styles with liquid seasoning. Despite its robustness, it remains compact and excludes unnecessary extras like a wooden handle or included fuel, allowing you to tailor your cooking kit to your exact needs. The Widesea Portable Gas Stove is the perfect blend of efficiency and simplicity for the outdoors.


  • Brand: Widesea
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Ignition: Built-in
  • Type: Portable Gas Stove
  • Fuel Type: Compatible with Isobutane Gas Mixture
  • Wind Deflector: Not included
  • Suitable for Liquid Seasoning
  • Design: Split structure for easy handling
  • Ideal for Use In: High Altitude Conditions
  • Material: Durable Stainless Steel
  • Operation: Manual
  • Model: WSS-201
  • Recommended for Groups of: Up to 3 people
  • Certification: Not Applicable
  • Style: Designed for Outdoor Use
  • Safety Feature: Does not automatically alarm
  • Fuel Included: No
  • Category: Outdoor Cooking Equipment
  • Handle: Does not include a wooden handle
  • Stove Type: Gas, for outdoor enthusiasts

This compact and efficient Widesea gas stove is your ideal companion for outdoor adventures, ensuring a powerful cooking performance wherever you are.

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